Traffic shaping – Reserved bandwidth or dynamic prioritization classes?

Most businesses use the Internet for various communication needs. Some of them are critical for the smooth operation of the business while some other are less important. In many cases the Internet data traffic requires more bandwidth than the capacity of the available connection. To overcome this, many business deploy traffic shaping to guarantee the proper functioning of business critical applications.

Since traffic shaping is a fundamental part of the WAN optimization strategy of an enterprise,  we need to look at the main differences between the two most commonly used techniques; static and dynamic traffic shaping.

Static traffic shaping requires the definition of rules with reserved bandwidth per priority class. This means that the total capacity of the Internet connection is divided in classes with reserved bandwidth per class. In case the available bandwidth of a class is not fully utilized, using this technique leads to idle WAN resources since no other application in a different class can utilize the spare bandwidth.

On the other hand, many businesses implement dynamic traffic shaping which is a more modern approach.  Following this approach, there is no reserved bandwidth but different levels of priority classes. This way, the WAN resources are dynamically allocated according to the level of the priority class. This technique allows the full utilization of the available bandwidth even for a single priority class.

It is apparent that dynamic traffic shaping performs better in highly congested networks. In any case, the bandwidth management configuration should follow a comprehensive analysis of the existing data flows. The Virtual Leased Line technology integrates a dynamic traffic shaping system to allow the best possible Quality of Service, while maximizing the utilization of the available WAN resources.

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