Hybrid Internet Access for ultra high availability

In today’s business world, the adoption of internet services has significantly increased and is now a vital part of daily operations. As a result, a business connectivity solution must effectively address internet performance and reliability issues.

hybrid Internet access

Previously, companies had two options for internet connectivity: expensive professional solutions like fiber optic leased lines or cheaper but less reliable commercial options like ADSL/VDSL. Professional solutions offer high performance and availability, but can be too costly for many businesses, especially during economic downturns. Commercial options may be sufficient for small businesses in terms of performance, but lack the stability and availability crucial for productivity.

comBOX services offer a Hybrid Internet Access solution that combines the benefits of wired and wireless networks to provide customized solutions for the corporate sector. This improves network performance and reduces the risk of network failure to almost zero. The transparent (smart) failover technology distributes the risk of failure across both wired and wireless network infrastructures, ensuring a seamless switch between technologies.

The comBOX Hybrid Internet Access solution is particularly well-suited for small businesses, allowing them to combine multiple ADSL/VDSL connections for the required performance while using 3G/4G wireless networks as backup to avoid additional data charges during downtimes in wired connections. This solution supports mission-critical business applications with secure, high-speed connections, as persistent connectivity is increasingly important in today’s business environment. Many IT managers, Chief Technical Officers, and business owners recognize this setup as the best way to ensure resilience and stability in their company’s network infrastructure.

The team at comBOX networks has a great experience in providing multi-wan bonding solutions to various vertical markets and different use cases and can guide you so you can implement a Hybrid Internet access solution using both wired and wireless connections following the best practices. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to assist your business.

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