Does your business need more bandwidth?

As businesses expand their cloud-based operations, their users and IT managers have to deal on a daily basis with slow performing applications, latency and jitter. When these issues arise in a business environment, they not only impact the company’s productivity, but can also trigger the inevitable question, “Do we need more bandwidth”?

The right answer to this question is more likely to be affirmative as the number of bandwidth intensive applications continuously increases. The Broadband Imperative report states that businesses currently require approximately 100 Mbps for every 1,000 users while in two years from now, enterprises will need 1Gbps for every 1,000 users.

Before rushing off to purchase additional bandwidth resources, it’s important to take a step back, assess the situation and take a look at all available options. As most companies underutilize the available network resources, it might be reasonable to try to make the best of these resources by utilizing a broadband bonding and optimization approach such as the comBOX Virtual Leased Line service. By fully leveraging the available backup links and ensuring these resources don’t sit idle, an enterprise is able to avoid the high price that comes with purchasing additional bandwidth.

comBOX services allow businesses of any size get the connectivity they need through an intelligent system that helps make the most of existing resources. By deploying cutting edge technologies, the network becomes responsive and adaptable, adjusting itself to current conditions to ensure the smooth operation of modern business applications. Latency, jitter, packet loss are calculated in real time by the traffic distribution algorithm of comBOX services, allowing for granular, real-time network overview that enables intelligent decisions for each and every packet traveling across the network.

Even if your company does not have any backup links, you can always benefit from the low cost of publicly available Internet connections such as DSL by combining these network resources with your enterprise Internet leased line, thus generating the additional bandwidth needed by your business in a cost effective manner.

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