Super fast Internet on Offshore bunkering

Αccess to the Internet for most commercial vessels is provided via satellite, with limited bandwidth and often limited data traffic due to high cost. For this reason, the use of the Internet is solely for the operational needs of the vessel and is characterized by low performance and several glitches.

The modern era, however, requires the use of high-speed and cost-effective Internet so vessels are able to support new applications for monitoring transactions and the modern communication needs of their crews. Because of this, it is easily understood that satellite communications with the expensive bandwidth cannot provide solutions to address the current needs of shipping companies.

comBOX services can provide reliable high-speed connectivity through the bandwidth aggregation of multiple 3G/4G connections and feature the networking infrastructure to support modern web applications. Part of the maritime sector that can apply comBOX services with multiple 3G/4G connections are companies engaged in offshore bunkering. These companies have ships anchored around the ports and supply fuel and other goods to other vessels discharging the catering facilities at the ports.

Vessels that are used for offshore bunkering anchor across the perimeter of ports and most of the time are covered by the cellular networks of local mobile operators. This allows the use of comBOX services exclusively with 3G/4G connections enabling the bandwidth aggregation of individual links into a single virtual leased line of high speed and reliability. The virtual leased line can be used for both the Internet access needs of the vessel’s crew and its operational needs. Furthermore, the aggregated upload speed allows the transmission of video and other real-time data in order to effectively monitor transactions, which is a trending topic in the shipping industry under the international control policy for fuel trading.

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