VDSL bonding for ultrafast Internet Access

The latest internet access technology for the general public and small businesses is VDSL (Very high-bitrate/high speed DSL). VDSL is the fastest asymmetric DSL and is the precursor to FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) technology. Due to the fact that the replacement of all the copper telecommunication cables with optical fibers is a significantly time-consuming and expensive process, the expansion of providers’ backbone network infrastructure by creating more telecommunication centers (DSLAMs) which serve a few dozen subscribers within a small radius with faster speeds than those of ADSL, is a much easier and affordable option. VDSL allows the provisioning of services that require high bandwidth, such as high definition television, digital video, connecting remote corporate offices, etc.

Since 2008, telecom providers in Greece have invested in VDSL technology (with speeds of 30Mbps / 2,5 Mbps, 50/5Mbps, 100/10Mbps and 200/20Mbps download and upload respectively) with a high growth rate year per year. Therefore, it will not be very long before the time comes where all ADSL subscribers will be able to increase the speed of access to the Internet by switching from ADSL to VDSL.

The most important problem of VDSL connections is the reliability which is not greater than that of ADSL connections. This is because providers offer VDSL connections without any availability guarantee (best effort), which means that each VDSL link can malfunction for some time or underperform during high peak hours. Thus, a company for which access to the Internet is business critical, cannot rely on a VDSL connection, although the nominal bandwidth offered may seem adequate for the needs of the business. Besides, most companies chose to use leased lines for their operational needs, even though located in areas within the VDSL network.

comBOX services offer a permanent, professional solution to the problem of the low reliability of VDSL connections by allowing the combination of multiple VDSL connections and the creation of virtual leased line by multiplying the reliability of individual connections and leveraging simultaneously the backbone network infrastructure of multiple providers. The VDSL bonding solution has multiple benefits as it provides asymmetric speed to the Internet, greater reliability than traditional leased line and very low cost, even if compared only by the upload speed. For example, by combining four VDSL links with nominal speeds of 50/5Mbps, the comBOX VLL service creates a single virtual connection with an overall speed of 200/20Mbps. The cost of this implementation is a quarter of the cost of a symmetrical leased line with a speed of 20/20Mbps, while providing a much higher download speed and reliability, that is not based on and thus not dependent on the proper functioning of the network of a single provider.

If the VDSL network has not yet reached your area, you can now achieve the speed of VDSL, cost-effectively, by combining multiple ADSL connections without having to sign a two-year contract for the supply of a leased line with the desired speed. Furthermore, by selecting this option, it allows you to instantly increase the bandwidth of your connection, substituting the ADSL connections with VDSL when they become available in your area.

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