Nitsiakos company chooses the innovative comBOX VLL technology for fast & reliable Internet

comBOX multi-WAN services, always consistent in Internet access needs of modern enterprises, which are dramatically increasing, while reducing their operating costs, announces its partnership with one of the leading companies in the field of food production, the “Nitsiakos” company.

“Nitsiakos”, a leading chicken meat producer in Greece, one of the major grain and soybean meal business, and within the top 10 of the country’s food industry based on sales revenue, chose comBOX VLL technology, as the most cost-effective and reliable solution for super-fast and seamless Internet at its plants and offices.

comBOX multi-WAN servcies, a purely Greek company providing worldwide innovative bandwidth bonding & optimization services, constantly expands its customer base in a wide range of vertical markets, demonstrating that the business world increasingly rely on the innovative technology “comBOX VLL Virtual Leased Line”, for the most demanding challenge of cost-effective, super-fast and uninterrupted Internet access.