comBOX services available abroad

comBOX multi-WAN services is proud to announce the deployment of comBOX Virtual Leased Line services abroad on behalf of its customers from the world of shipping and pharmaceutical companies.

Our customers’ offices abroad are using comBOX Virtual Leased Line services with great success and no compatibility issues. Our rapid service delivery offers them immediate installation enabling reliable access to the Internet and their remote offices ,drastically decreasing their costs.

comBOX multi-WAN services has carried out comBOX services installations in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and Ukraine with the implementation process lasting less than one week per case . Most installations did not require any drastic and time-consuming changes in the existing network topology and the statements of enthusiasm of local IT Directors, is the greatest reward for us!

If your business is operating abroad, or if you have clients abroad and experiencing communication and network capacity problems via the Internet, then contact us to find an immediate and permanent solution!