Unbreakable internet has arrived in Africa

comBOX adds ‘unbreakable internet’ to its product offering with SD-WAN Pro

SD-WAN Pro and comBOX will be attending the AfricaCom event in November to showcase the new product to the African market. Come see us at stand B30.

The low and unreliable internet penetration in Africa is about to see an about turn as a resilient internet connectivity product arrives on the continent. Africa currently has the world’s third largest population of internet users by geographical location, but only a 43.2% penetration rate.

Multi-Wan Service Provider, comBOX, has recently added the SD-WAN Pro to its growing suite of products for customers looking for resilient connectivity solutions, a solution that the African continent now has access to.

SD-WAN pro’s product offering allows users to bond multiple types of internet connectivity through a simple solution. The multiple legs of connectivity can be made up of satellite, fixed line or cellular connections, all able to be either bonded or used as a failover for an unbreakable internet connection.

Developed by Ritesim, a London- based leading IoT connectivity supplier that specialises in resilient connectivity solutions. SD-WAN Pro, has been uniquely developed to support those who may struggle with fixed line connectivity.

“The SD-WAN Pro allows for stable connections either in permanent locations or for transient sites that do not allow for fixed line installations”, says Peter Rebak, Ritesim.

“We are delighted to have the support from comBOX in offering this new unique solution to the market. We have developed SD-WAN pro to be a competitive product that answers the ever- growing requirement for business to have stable and uninterrupted connectivity for their business operations,” he says.

The partnership between Ritesim and comBOX has created a winning formula to support Africa’s growing economies.

comBOX CEO, Antonios Chaidemenos further adds, “We are excited to be able to offer this new solution to the market. comBOX prides itself on being a leading supplier in internet bonding and failover solutions, and this latest development from Ritesim is a potential game changer for International customers seeking, flexible and cost effective reliable internet solutions.”

About SD-WAN Pro
SD-WAN Pro is new product developed by leading IoT supplier Ritesim.com Limited. The new innovative connectivity solution is defined by its unique capabilities to bond multiple internet connections, inclusive of cellular, broadband and satellite, as well as boost internet resilience with its failover capabilities. Further SD-WAN Pro supports businesses that requires Wide Area Networking capabilities providing businesses with a holistic connectivity solution for the modern digital age.

About comBOX
comBOX is engaged in the Network infrastructure virtualization industry, focusing on developing state of the art WAN optimization and bandwidth aggregation solutions with the vision of delivering cost effective network products and services that improve Internet performance and availability for corporate networks around the world. Being among the world’s leaders in the field of bandwidth bonding & optimization, comBOX has developed the Virtual Leased Line technology which effectively aggregates the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections of any type to create a unified Internet connection, which offers greater speed and reliability and is ideally suited for professional use.

About Ritesim.com Limited
Ritesim.com Limited is a London based global IoT supplier specialising in cellular connectivity. Established in 2012, the company has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the leading suppliers of international broadcasting, media, retail, construction and healthcare industries globally. Headed by CEO Peter Rebak, and Directors John Butterfield and Paul Lerman, Ritesim.com has a combined industry experience of over 50 years with significant experience in the African continent having worked with leading African businesses for over 20 years.