There are multiple comBOX service subscription to meet the needs of your organization. The default service bundles are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum; you may check the specifications of the available virtual leased line service bundles here. However, comBOX services may be customized to satisfy the special needs of your company.

There are suggested hardware appliances that are used in the vast majority of comBOX setups, that may be found in here. However, comBOX client software appliance might also be installed in a hardware appliance of specific requirements, or even Virtual Appliance. Please, contact us (or your partner) to find more.

Yes, you may purchase a second redundant hardware appliance, either for passive backup, or even active-active setup. The device is pre-configured, and setup at your organization’s premises.

The advanced QoS system of comBOX bonding technology, helps you prioritize the traffic of your business applications; The dynamic traffic shaping functionality, secures the optimized performance of your business applications while optimizing the utilization of the available network resources. In addition, the “forward error correction” technology feature, along with the “isolation” of low performing, bottlenecked connection lines, guarantee the optimal, uninterrupted operation of your real-time applications.

Via load balancing, the bandwidth is restricted to the maximum of the line with the highest throughput, depending on the session that is directed to this line. comBOX bonding technology aggregates the total bandwidth of all available lines, and delivers a sum-up of the available bandwidth- both downstream as well as upstream- even for one single session. Additionally, the comBOX bonding technology optimizes the core Internet transport protocols, incorporates a vast range of WAN optimization technologies and provides the highest possible availability via the smart (transparent) WAN failover feature.

comBOX optimized bonding technology, evaluates in real-time the available Internet lines, and routes the data packets via the best performing lines in terms of packet-loss, latency and throughput, while isolating the low-performing lines, and delivers a professional WAN solution of the highest standards.

No problem at all! You may use comBOX service bundles using only   4G(LTE)/5G Internet lines, or even Satellite Links. Please, check the use cases section, for our unique mobile link bonding and satellite link bonding solutions.

comBOX Virtual Leased Line technology uses a special algorithm to aggregate bandwidth and create a virtual leased line whose speed is equal to the sum of the speeds of the individual connections used. The aggregated bandwidth offered by VLL technology is available even for the transfer of a single file, since the data is sent simultaneously utilizing all the available connections. The algorithm is self-tuning and adaptive to changes in the bandwidth and quality of the low-cost connections used by the comBOX services.

comBOX bonding technology functions through the permanent communication between a comBOX network appliance -physical or virtual appliance- and a comBOX network server, which is a fully-managed virtual server located in Worldwide data centers. The comBOX network server connects with each of the comBOX network appliance’s multi WAN connections and is, essentially, the other end of the circuit, where multiple connections are transformed into a single virtual connection, which in turn provides access to the Internet or a Virtual Private Network.

Bonding technology needs two end-points in order to successfully aggregate the bandwidth of the available Internet lines. One is the comBOX client appliance (CPE) hosted at your premises, and the other one is the comBOX network server located in a high speed Datacenter infrastructure, which comes with recurring subscription fees too, as it utilizes the Data Center’s network and computational resources.

comBOX bonding technology improves the availability of corporate networking, using the Smart Failover algorithm, which continues to send and receive data over the functional connections when part of them goes down, maintaining the active sessions and ensuring that the end user does not notice any session interruption. Via comBOX services, the downtime risk can be effectively distributed to multiple physical mediums and ISPs.

comBOX Virtual Leased Line technology incorporates state of the art encryption algorithms and authentication protocols to safeguard the communication between the comBOX network appliance and the comBOX network server.

The default comBOX VLL service bundles allow a maximum throughput of up to 1Gbps. The maximum bandwidth depends on the HW device – used as the CPE-, the selected comBOX service bundle and the total bandwidth of the available connections that are bonded together. In case you need to reach higher throughput, you may contact us to design a custom solution upon your requirements.

Yes, of course you can. Actually, it is strongly recommended for risk distribution, and the highest possible network availability!

comBOX web GUI offers monitoring, reporting, and further configuration tools via embedded instructions. Performance of each line, and the total performance of the aggregated bandwidth are visible 24/7, as well as the total amount of data traffic.

The highly sophisticated adaptive self-tunning system which is integrated in comBOX technology is the most important feature of Virtual Leased Line technology and separates comBOX services from other bonding technologies that are available in the global telecommunications market. The real time computation of the available speed of individual connections allows the reliable definition of traffic prioritization rules with maximum accuracy. Unlike the conventional bandwidth management implemented by many commercial network devices, comBOX services allow the implementation of QoS priority classes both for inbound and outbound traffic without requiring the manual definition of the maximum speed limit.

As soon as you realize that your comBOX Hardware device is defective, please contact your comBOX partner. In case your partner is unable to help you, please send us a direct email via the available contact form. Please have the serial number as well as the invoice of your device ready in each case.

Yes. Many comBOX partners offer comBOX CPEs as a leased equipment. Please, contact your partner, or the comBOX sales team by filling in this form – they will be glad to establish contact to the comBOX sales partner nearest to your location for your convenience.

You can contact the comBOX team directly via the available contact form, and they will guide you through, based on your region and preferences.

All comBOX Hardware appliances, have a warranty period of 12 months.

You may combine any kind of Internet connections you can obtain at your premises; ADSL / VDSL, 3G / 4G / 5G, Dedicated Leased Lines (Copper / Fiber Optics), Micro-Wave, Satellite Links. For more info you may check the use cases section of comBOX website.