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VDSL bonding for ultrafast Internet Access

The latest internet access technology for the general public and small businesses is VDSL (Very high-bitrate/high speed DSL). VDSL is the fastest asymmetric DSL and is the precursor to FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) technology. Due to the fact that the replacement of all the copper telecommunication cables with optical fibers is a significantly time-consuming and expensive process, the expansion of providers’ backbone network infrastructure by creating more telecommunication centers (DSLAMs) which serve a few dozen subscribers within a small radius with faster speeds than those of ADSL, is a much easier and affordable option. VDSL allows the provisioning of services that require high bandwidth, such as high definition television, digital video, connecting remote corporate offices, etc.

Reliable, high performance Internet access for Hotels

The significantly growing trend for reliable access to the Internet via smart, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) reveals the importance of the availability of Internet access as one of the basic needs of modern man. This modern reality is the change factor of the modern businesses’ mentality that provide accommodation, catering and entertainment services, which are now requested to provide reliable Internet access to their guests.

How to Build a cost effective, cloud ready Network

What is a cloud ready network? One of the most popular buzz words in the IT world is “the cloud”, as in cloud computing. People with or without IT background have definitely heard about it and most of them have already experimented with it or even have adopted it in their business environments. The key to connecting to the cloud and take advantage of its benefits is your network. The idea is pretty simple: no network, no cloud and to get it a bit further, poor network, poor cloud experience. Thus a cloud ready network is a network infrastructure that allows the reliable and high performing access to cloud services.

Enterprise WANs: MPLS VPN vs WAN virtualisation

Until recently, the only way to get reliable connectivity with anticipated performance between corporate branches was to buy expensive leased lines or a service like MPLS VPN, which is the flagship of enterprise WAN services, having earned its status as the link option of choice because of its reliability, flexibility and the available QoS controls.