How to increase your Internet upload speed

Upload speed (upload bandwidth), which determines the rate of sending data to the Internet, depends on the type and quality of the Internet connection of your network. Low upload speed is often responsible for the deterioration of the performance of modern enterprise cloud applications and does not allow the reliable integration of these applications within the information systems of modern enterprises.

The use of modern cloud applications is essential for increasing the competitiveness of Greek businesses as they provide organizational, commercial and financial benefits and increase staff productivity by automating business processes. Unfortunately, the average upload speed in Greece is very low for the current needs as VDSL and FTTH technologies have low population coverage. This is confirmed in the state of the Internet report by Akamai, one of the largest companies of Internet data exchange in the world, which indicates that only 3.6% of connections in Greece exceed 10 Mbps in Download bandwidth with the majority (51%) being between 4 and 10 Mbps.

However, even if a company is fortunate to be located in an area where VDSL is available and can be supplied with a connection with an upload speed of 5Mbps, the level of reliability of these connections should be assessed as practice has proved that these connections do not provide guaranteed availability and the available speed fluctuates frequently.

The question that arises is the following. What are the options for a Greek company that needs to integrate modern cloud applications with high upload speed requirements within their information system? One option is to obtain a leased line circuit with guaranteed upload bandwidth. This option is not always available as it depends directly on the coverage of the fiber optics backbone of network providers, while the cost for an Internet leased line with symmetrical speed over 4Mbps is too high for the average telecommunications budget of a Greek company.

comBOX services have been developed in such a way in order to offer an advantageous alternative to the problem of low upload speed as they allow the bandwidth bonding of multiple, low-cost Internet connections both in upload and download to create a single, reliable, high-speed Internet connection. In conjunction with advanced risk distribution technologies, such as adaptive self tuning and transparent failover, comBOX services bypass the problems of the low reliability of connections such as ADSL, VDSL etc, while optimizing the available bandwidth by integrating cutting-edge technologies in the field of network optimization.

Before signing a long-term contract for the supply of a leased line, we invite you to try comBOX services by combining multiple Internet connections (DSL,VDSL,3G/LTE) of your choice, even from different providers, and create your own, custom virtual leased line.

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