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Are you an IT professional? Do you offer IT, telco and computer networking solutions to business customers?

You’re at the right place. Becoming a comBOX services sales partner is not at all difficult; it even makes a lot of sense, as cooperation with our company brings real advantages for you as our sales and service partner:

  • comBOX partners generate additional turnover in their existing customer base with networking solutions that are complimentary to their existing range of products.
  • With comBOX services, it’s easy to acquire new customers with new unique connectivity possibilities, especially in regions where no or no sufficient broadband Internet is available.
  • comBOX partners profit from attractive purchasing conditions; their margins are stable due to the USP of comBOX products.
  • We promote comBOX partners with their own solutions based on comBOX Virtual Leased Line technology, and thus create more range for their solutions.
  • comBOX partners receive technical and sales trainings from our highly skilled network engineers.
  • comBOX partners can access marketing material and campaign ideas and use them for their own activities.
  • comBOX partners receive customer leads we’ve generated for them if it is appropriate regarding regional or solution area.

We’d be very happy to be able to welcome you as a comBOX sales and service partner soon.

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