broadband bonding


Boost Internet Speed

Maximize Internet Uptime

Reduce WAN Cost


Increase Bandwidth

Aggregate the bandwidth of multiple ADSL, VDSL, 3G/4G, Satellite and other wired or wireless connections into a virtual fat-pipe by routing all network traffic via our ultra fast broadband bonding servers.

Improve Availability

Combine diverse Internet connections from multiple ISPs and minimize Internet downtime by distributing downtime risk to multiple network paths through the transparent failover mechanism.

Optimize Performance

Boost the performance of your corporate network through cutting edge, built-in WAN optimization technologies and further increase your company’s productivity.

Enhance Flexibility

Get independent of the telecoms infrastructure and connectivity options in your area, through virtualized networks that make your business WANs flexible and easily managed.



  • Is your business facing slow performing Internet applications?

  • Is your Internet upload or download speed too low?
  • Are you tired of having multiple Internet connections underutilized?
  • Do you struggle with frequent Internet disconnects?
  • Do you need to stop paying high cost for business Internet connectivity services?
  • Is your VPN unstable and underperforming?

  • Do you have branches in remote areas with limited connectivity options?
  • Do you want to optimize international congested paths?
  • Do you need to increase your MPLS VPN bandwidth cost effectively?
  • Is your MPLS VPN subscription fee too high?

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comBOX multi WAN services

Interested in using comBOX multi WAN services?

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The comBOX broadband bonding technology is offered in bundles depending on your business connectivity needs.

comBOX multi WAN services are based on the efficient management of multiple network resources to create virtual connections that meet the highest professional standards while offering the most cost efficient WAN solution for businesses around the world.

Your business’s most advanced network and connectivity demands are fulfilled via the combination of comBOX service bundles.

  • Virtual Leased Line

    Aggregates effectively the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections both for upload and download and creates a virtual fat-pipe for all types of Internet traffic. Learn More

  • Mobile Virtual Leased Line

    Aggregates effectively the bandwidth of multiple mobile connections such as 3G/4G into a virtual fat-pipe for ultra fast and reliable Internet on the go. Learn More

  • Hybrid Internet Access

    Enables uninterrupted Internet access for SMEs with low bandwidth needs by distributing the risk of failure of the physical medium to wired and wireless network infrastructure. Learn More

  • Satelite Link Bonding

    Offers professional connectivity to companies located in remote areas through the combination of multiple satellite links into a virtual leased line with accelerated performance. Learn More

  • Multi-Path VPN

    Connects two or more sites using multiple network paths for a stable, secure and Ultra fast VPN as an alternative to MPLS VPN at a dramatically lower cost. Learn More


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comBOX multi WAN services gave us the reliable connectivity that we had in mind when we designed the international network of our company. We are very pleased that we decided to take advantage of the innovative technology as we saved a lot of money and valuable time.

Alex SantosCIOFairdeal Group

comBOX multi WAN services are a reliable solution for corporate networking that saved us from a lot of effort and advanced network configurations in order to reach the network availability levels we have now. comBOX is a trusted technology vendor with specialized engineers that are always ready to deploy cutting edge services in the most complex IT environments.

George PapamargaritisCIOMaddog S.A.

comBOX gave us a highly reliable and cost effective solution that utilized a technology which I never thought existed. Our company’s Internet access is a lot faster than the one we had before when we were using the expensive, traditional leased lines and without any service interruptions.

Fanis DaniilCIOMcDonalds Hellas

As a leading law firm we focus on maximizing the productivity of our human resources and the security of our data. We use comBOX to support the security and availability of our network and take full advantage of the cloud applications we are using. comBOX has proven to be a trusted technology vendor with innovative and cost effective solutions.

George MinoudisPartnerKaratza & Partners Law Firm