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comBOX Presentation @ Infocom World 2014

The comBOX multi-WAN services management team presented the implementation cycle of a Cloud Ready Network, through comBOX VLL, delivering the most flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the major issue of the Last Mile Connectivity.

How to Build a cost effective, cloud ready Network

What is a cloud ready network? One of the most popular buzz words in the IT world is “the cloud”, as in cloud computing. People with or without IT background have definitely heard about it and most of them have already experimented with it or even have adopted it in their business environments. The key to connecting to the cloud and take advantage of its benefits is your network. The idea is pretty simple: no network, no cloud and to get it a bit further, poor network, poor cloud experience. Thus a cloud ready network is a network infrastructure that allows the reliable and high performing access to cloud services.