The Company: Protonyx Data Services S.A., the registered office of which is at 550 Vouliagmenis Avenue, Alimos 174 56, or its authorized reseller
The Client: The natural person or legal entity that desires to lease the services provided by the Company, as they are every time defined and published on the official website of comBOX Multi-Wan Services, or in the relative Offers.

The use of the infrastructures and the networks of the Company are subject to the undermentioned Acceptable Use Policy, the breach of which may result in direct suspension or termination of the Client’s services. All clients, users or subscribers, as well as any third parties that may use the services provided by the Company, its systems or network, are without exception subject to those terms and conditions. The terms and conditions mentioned below are always posted and updated on the official website of comBOX Multi-Wan Services. The Company reserves its right to modify the terms and conditions of the present without notice.


1.1 The network of the Company can be used only for lawful actions. The dissemination, distribution or storage of any type of material of the Company or of any part of its parts, constitutes a breach of the Hellenic, the European and/or the international legislation in force, and is hence forbidden. Such forbidding typically, however not exclusively, includes: material subject to copyright, material considered by law as threatening or immoral, material protected by commercial or industrial privacy, material, the use of which does not follow a precedent permission, regardless of the user’s possible awareness of its content, the respective legislation or its dissemination.
1.2 The Client should not consciously use the services in order to transmit computer viruses, as well as in order to transmit any material that is defamatory, offensive, insulting, indecent, threatening, or that can cause annoyance, distress or unwanted stress, that can encourage penal offence behaviors, or in order to send the material mentioned above to notice boards or discussion groups in a manner that constitutes a breach and a violation of the rights of any person, business or company (including, but not limited to copyright).
1.3 The Client acknowledges that the Company is not able to control the content of the information circulating through its network and that it does not supervise or control in any manner the composition of such information. The Client also acknowledges that the Company hereby excludes any responsibility in relation to any emission or reception of information of any kind, the accuracy of its content, or the encryption of information and data.


2.1 The Client is not allowed to breach the security of the systems as well as of the network. Any breach can result in penal or civil liability towards the Client. The Company will investigate all possible breaches and will cooperate with the services in charge of law enforcement, provided that there is a suspicion of a penal breach. Examples of system or network breaching include, but are not limited to:
2.1.1 Non-authorized surveillance, access, or use of data, networks, or systems, including any effort to detect (scanning, probing), or test the vulnerability of a system or network, and to breach the security or authentication measures, without the appropriate permission.
2.1.2 The interference, interruption or deactivation of the services of whichever user, server or network by using means which include but are not limited to: overload, flooding, mail-bombing, denial-of service-attacks, etc.
2.1.3 Sending, saving or transmitting viruses, worms, Trojans, malware or any other kind of malicious software that can be harmful to any network or system.
2.1.4 Forgery or alteration of any TCP/IP header package or of any email header segment and further network packages.
2.1.5 Attempts to circumvent or modify any method of measurement or charge of the service.


3.1 Sending unwanted emails by using the Service is explicitly forbidden. Emails can be considered as unwanted unless all recipients have expressly decided on receiving such emails from the sender.
3.2 All emails that are sent by using the service have to include a valid Reply-To address under the Client’s control. The email headers should not be omitted, inappropriate or fake. The recipients should be able to ask the Client to interrupt further correspondence, and, in such cases, the Client should timely
respect that request and interrupt the sending of emails to the recipient.
3.3 The Client should not advertise material hosted in the systems or the network of the Company by using unwanted emails.
3.4 The installation or the use of an open relay mail server, which will have the possibility to forward emails to an undefined number of people, is explicitly forbidden.


4.1 The network of the Company can be used by the Client in order to obtain access to other networks worldwide and the end user agrees to comply with the published Internet protocols and all the relative directives and standards. In case the Client’s communications do not comply with those standards, or in case the Client makes thoughtless use of the network of the Company at the expense of the Company, of its Clients or of third parties, the Company reserves its right to restrict the communications of the Client, until the Client complies with the specific standards or protocols or until they offer solutions that are acceptable by the Company in relation with the future use of their services.
4.2 The Client guarantees the correctness and the accuracy of their personal, company and tax information towards the Company, and is also responsible for their correct and prompt update. False or fake information that concerns applications, contracts, agreements, financial information, credit cards, bank accounts or any other material towards the Company, is explicitly forbidden.
4.3 Any attempt to circumvent the Terms and Conditions of Use or the Acceptable Use Policy of the Company, as well as any removal or prohibition against any system or service of the Company is explicitly forbidden.
4.4 The users-subscribers to the services of the Company ought to directly report to the Company every incident that has come to their attention and that is possible to cause problems to the systems of the Company, to its hardware and technical equipment and, in general, to the unencumbered function of the services it provides.
4.5 In case the Client breaches any provision of the present, the Company has the right to restrict or suspend some or even all the services it provides them with, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice, at its absolute judgment and discretion.