How to Build a cost effective, cloud ready Network

What is a cloud ready network? One of the most popular buzz words in the IT world is “the cloud”, as in cloud computing. People with or without IT background have definitely heard about it and most of them have already experimented with it or even have adopted it in their business environments. The key to connecting to the cloud and take advantage of its benefits is your network. The idea is pretty simple: no network, no cloud and to get it a bit further, poor network, poor cloud experience. Thus a cloud ready network is a network infrastructure that allows the reliable and high performing access to cloud services.

Over the last years, we have seen a vast number of cloud-ready applications emerge, thanks to the rapid advances in server and storage virtualization. And at this point, users are already more mobile and cloud-ready than most of the available network infrastructure. It’s about time the network infrastructure catches up, but the reality is that most ISPs still rely on traditional technologies that come with high cost, making the full migration of all IT infrastructure to the cloud almost unfeasible.

The key solution to enable cloud ready networks for businesses is WAN virtualization or SD-WANs. WAN virtualization is doing for Enterprise Wide Area Networks what server and storage virtualization did for IT infrastructure. It allows great level of scalability, flexibility and availability while providing a great level of control in managing physical IT resources. A great example of an innovative technology which offered a layer of abstraction like most virtualized environments is RAID which allowed reliable data storage utilizing multiple unreliable physical mediums such as HDDs. RAID technology has dominated the enterprise IT world since its discovery.

comBOX services employ WAN virtualization in order to create the robust and cost effective network infrastructure needed by companies around the world to connect to the cloud. They deliver a network with unprecedented bandwidth and reduced monthly WAN costs by up to 90% while providing greater reliability than existing private WANs using Frame Relay or MPLS. Just as RAID wrapped a layer of hardware and intelligent software to provide a high availability solution for data storage by distributing the risk to multiple unreliable HDD devices, comBOX services do something similar with multiple WAN connections such as DSL, cable, fiber, Metro Ethernet, 3G, 4G, satellite etc.

The comBOX Virtual Leased Line technology uses end to end algorithms to make real-time traffic engineering decisions, distributing network packets through multiple routes based on current traffic conditions and the type of traffic being delivered. This effectively addresses the transient instabilities of individual WAN connections, providing at the same time aggregated throughput to support the most demanding cloud applications.

WAN Virtualization enables businesses to build a cloud-ready network infrastructure that is simultaneously more reliable, offers much higher bandwidth and comes with much lower cost than today’s proprietary, single vendor WANs.

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