Reliable, high performance Internet access for Hotels

The significantly growing trend for reliable access to the Internet via smart, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) reveals the importance of the availability of Internet access as one of the basic needs of modern man. This modern reality is the change factor of the modern businesses’ mentality that provide accommodation, catering and entertainment services, which are now requested to provide reliable Internet access to their guests.

In Greece, as in other tourist locations in foreign countries, lots of hotel resorts have been built outside urban cities, where current infrastructure already developed by ISPs is of limited coverage. In addition, the expansion and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure in these distant areas is unprofitable and extremely slow-paced, even in cases that private companies agree to undertake the initial cost for the expansion of telecommunications networks. However, in these areas, there are some of the largest and luxurious hotel complexes in the country, hosting thousands of tourists on an annual basis, but are not able to provide the required access to the Internet, in order to serve the modern communication needs of their visitors. As a most expected result of this issue, hotel managers are bombed with such complaints from visitors who have the requirement and desire -even on holiday- to be online and use the Internet for both, personal and business needs.

In this intense problem which will become even bigger in the near future and might have disastrous effect to the tourism Industry in Greece, the technology of bandwidth aggregation is the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Bandwidth aggregation allows hotels to create virtual connections of multiplied capacity and reach high Internet speed even in remote areas. Additionally if the increased capacity is combined with  an effective multi-WAN Optimization and bandwidth management technologies, the result is an ultra reliable high performing Internet connection, directly comparable with costly Internet Leased Lines. Hotel Industry businesses that will invest in this sector will benefit of inexhaustible positive result, as will satisfy both the fundamental need of their visitors, as well as they will have the business opportunity of using their network infrastructure to provide value added services.

The hotel managers are in great need of giving immediate, reliable, and cost-effective solution to the problem of Internet access availability to their visitors, in order to secure, not only the sustainability but also the growth of their business, and also be able to respond to the trend of the new age, that obligates the tourism industry development to keep in pace with the technology development. The hotel companies that have already trusted comBOX VLL technology, have realized and enjoyed the business benefits, and can no longer tolerate running the operations of business without a reliable and efficient network infrastructure.

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