Aldemar Resorts choose comBOX VLL technology for high-speed & reliable Internet access.

Aldemar Resorts Group is a new strategic partner of comBOX Multi-WAN services in the field of tourism, and becomes part of the demanding clients’ portfolio of comBOX multi-WAN services, one of the world’s leading pioneers in the industry of SD-WAN services for business.

The partnership of comBOX Multi-WAN services with Aldemar Resorts, is sealed by installing comBOX Virtual Leased Line service in major Group hotel units.

The growing trend for continuous and high-performance Internet access through smart mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) has converted the availability of high-quality Internet access, as a “must-have” for every hotel visitor.This need becomes even more imperative in hotels outside urban centers, where the ISP infrastructure is of limited development, and the maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure is unprofitable, resulting in a low performing and unreliable Internet access during the peak season.

As a consequence, hotel businesses are bombarded by visitors serious complaints and ultimately lose the important credibility, absolutely needed for their smooth running business and their consistency to their clients.

comBOX Multi-WAN services managed to provide a cost-effective and high-performing Internet solution, specifically designed for the hotel industry, reaching bandwidth speed of 100Mbps, delivered to Aldemar Resorts visitors through Wi-Fi access.