comBOX workshop @ Infocom World 2014

Management – Reporting – Monitoring GUI of comBOX Virtual Leased Line
The rapid growth of cloud services and the general trend towards the transfer of corporate data in cloud, has created a new business environment of alliances and bundled services. It is an undisputed fact that modern telecommunications providers now also operate as distributors and integrators of online products and services by creating partnerships with cloud service providers and software houses combining innovative products and services for the provision of integrated information systems as managed services.

Realizing this trend, comBOX multi-WAN services created a user-friendly GUI of the comBOX VLL platform, for both partners and customers’ IT Managers, which officially presented at “16th Infocom World 2014”. Now, both partners with complementary products as well as modern integrators can easily deliver the benefits of comBOX VLL services to end customers by broadening the range of their services, while meeting the connectivity needs of end customers in an intelligent and efficient manner.

During the workshop, the comBOX multi-WAN services management team, presented the modern comBOX VLL GUI, highlighting the ease of the implementation of comBOX services in modern enterprises. Attendees had the opportunity to fully understand the potential of comBOX VLL services and to distinguish the main differences compared to other web services and products.

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