comBOX Presentation @ Infocom World 2014

Un-managed comBOX VLL for Cloud-Ready-Network

comBOX multi-WAN services, as an official sponsor of the 16th Congress Infocom World 2014, presented for the 1st time the un-managed services of comBOX VLL technology. Through the evolution of the Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) market on a global level, the participants realized the network infrastructure and solutions trends, and how comBOX VLL technology is set-up in the landscape.

comBOX multi-WAN services presented the implementation cycle of a Cloud Ready Network, through comBOX VLL, delivering the most flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the major issue of the Last Mile Connectivity for access to Cloud. The partners and the IT Managers of large organizations, saw the benefits of comBOX VLL and the analysis tools that will help them to overcome this major bottleneck.

At the company’s booth, there was a high interest in the innovative comBOX VLL services, as well as thorough discussion on business solutions to complex project in the area of ICT.

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